Saturday, January 23, 2010

Look what I got! times 2

I was just minding my own business, cleaning the house and doing laundry and DH came up with a package that came in the mail! Since I wasn't expecting anything, I looked to see who it was from--Jane in Chilly Hollow. Oh, I said, she is just returning the beads I had sent for possible use in an upcoming project, and off he went. Then, I opened the package, and sure enough there were some beads I had sent, but another tissue package as well. Hmmm, what is this? I carefully opened it and TADA! She sent the Kimberly Crum tool case to me!! Happy dancing all the way downstairs to brag and boast to DH!! Look, look, look what Jane sent me!! He stopped reading and appropriately ooohhhhd and aaaahhhd too! Thank you, Thank you, Jane! (I guess all that sniveling and whining I did had an effect! LOL) You are a sweetie! In case you missed seeing this on Jane's blog, you can see it here:

Before I started cleaning and dusting and laundering, I went to the framers and dropped off the Kimono. I am trying another framer and I must tell you when I walked in with the piece, the woman who does the needlework there was amazed. She loved the piece but was ecstatic about how straight and flat it is. She said she usually had to spend a great deal of time working on needlepoint pieces as they were distorted. I explained to her that I used a different frame called Evertites and gave us worker bees an added bonus by not having to work so hard to keep it straight. I will pick that up in a week. I also went to the other framer and picked up this piece:I am very pleased with how well it came out after the second attempt. It was not straight in the frame when they first did it, so I asked them to redo it. I know, I am very picky! It it now hanging in the bedroom. Yippee!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...


Jane laughs at the expression on Pat's face.

You go places and I don't. I don't need a tool case (although to be fair Kimberly pointed out it could just live on my coffee table.) You loved the colors and I owe you big time for all the times you've rescued me out of your own stash. So why not send it to live with you?

If you are happy, I am very happy!

NCPat said...

I am THRILLED! I have already put my pretty tools in it and it is on my stitching table! I plan on taking it everywhere and showing it off big time!

Cyn said...

Hi Pat,

Ecrusheen looks beautiful framed!

Thanks so much for sharing. :-)

I'm crossing my fingers that things work out better with the new framer.

Windy Meadow

Front Range Stitcher said...

OOOOH presents! What fun! Jane's piece is wonderful, lucky girl. Your Ecrusheen is exquisite framed. I can see you doing the happy dance right now!