Sunday, January 24, 2010

More about Callaway

Several of you are asking for more details about my excursion to Callaway, so I decided to go into greater details. We arrived on Sunday afternoon, checked in and then and checked out the villa(photos previously posted), and unpacked. We settled in for a bit, and I checked my schedule of events. The boutique and bookstore were open so I left DH with a movie and I walked the five minutes over to the conference center. I picked up the black Micro Ice, the black Vineyard Silks Shimmer in the boutique (needed for a future project) and wandered over to the bookstore. I picked up the books (shown in the previous photos) and headed back to the villa. After chatting a bit, we went over to the Lodge for the teacher display and wine and cheese reception. Several of the attending teachers were there, including Carole, and we chatted with several of them. After having some wine and cheese and visiting with some of the women from the local guild, we met them for dinner and met Pam and Neva from Lincoln, NE. DH did very well with a table full of women and enjoyed himself. He is not shy and had great conversations with the ladies! We headed back to the villa after dinner in the Plant room which is served buffet style and serving up options for everyone's tastes.
Monday morning we headed to breakfast, and then DH dropped me off for class and left. Carole started the class by talking about what we would be doing for the next four days. We started off by discussing several canvas supplied by the boutique. What was the focal point? What fibers could be used? Would you buy the canvas? Is so, why? If not, why not? It was not her intention to write stitch guides for the canvas we took, but to raise our awareness and abilities to figure out what and how. We each received a book of stitches by Carole as well as any empty notebook for writing down ideas and sketching stitches. We then began working through all the canvas all of the students brought throughout that day. Some had fiber some did not. If after reviewing your canvas, you needed threads, you went to the boutique to shop and return to review.
After class on Monday, DH and I had dinner and I stitched a little bit. After so much excitement and information, I must admit I did go to bed early!
Tuesday class started by reviewing more boutique canvas, and then discussed a lot of the stitches in Carole's book and how to use it. We had a great conversation about stitching books and reviewed progress on some of the canvas that were reviewed on Monday where the owner had started stitching. Tuesday night was Merchandise night and after dinner, I walked through the displays. There were so many wonderful things available!
I will pick up this thread tomorrow and finish more details then. Meanwhile I am working on the Boots Bailey purse flap....just in case you thought I wasn't stitching!

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Cyn said...

Hi Pat,

Love hearing more about Calloway!

Are you going back next year and if so, which classes are you planning on taking?

I'm tentatively planning on going. It's going to depend on family schedules.

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