Monday, March 31, 2008

The Needle Nook is finished

I did a lot of finishing work this weekend. This is the completed Needle Nook. Each canvas piece is sewn with 2 pieces of thin quilt batting in between the canvas and moire I used on the backs. Before stitching the final seam, plastic is inserted in them to stiffen the piece. The bottom is moire on the top and the bottom. After these three pieces are together, one must sew those three pieces together from point to point. Then, you take all the leftover Kreiniks and make the twisted cord. This is then stitched in place around the front and the back. The first picture is the front.

The next picture is the back.

Next, I have a photo looking down on the piece, so you can see the overall shape.

Last is a photo of what happens when you pinch the ends. This is what opens the case.

I also cut two pieces of felt and put them on the sides of the front and the back, so I can park needles in the felt versus the moire. The case is large enough to also carry a small pair of scissors. Even though DH says it looks like a football, I don't agree. It is a very beautiful piece. I hope you enjoyed watching it become an heirloom.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Ornament is finished

I finally got some finishing time this weekend! If you remember this is the Talavera ornament designed by Judy Harper that I stitched a little bit ago. Her website is:
I first cut out my foam core shapes and put the layer of ultra thin quilt batting over both of them. Then, I did the back in red satin. Next I used my spare perle cotton and laced the back of the stitched piece. Next, I glued, yes, I said glued, the front to the back, with the white tassel in the middle of the bottom. I then started trimming the sides with red twisted cord. Last, I sewed the red and gold beads on the white tassel. Next, I will be taking it to show off at the Saturday stitch group and will be hanging it up to display!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Tulip Study

This is A Tulip Study designed by Kathryn Drummond under her designer name as Gingerbread Girl. Kathryn has graciously given me her permission to blog stitch this piece! It is a gorgeous design that is worked on a 13 x 13 piece of 24 count white Congress cloth. It is a counted piece that will have a decorative stitch border and the stumpwork tulips rest on a bargello pattern. the pattern calls for DMC perle cotton, Rainbow Gallery Crystal Braid, Needle Necessitites floss, weeks dye Works floss, and Sampler Threads floss.
Kathryn has a website where you may see some of her other designs and read all about her. There is another photo of this piece with a full list of supplies if you go to her gallery and then click on Pot Pourri. In addition to designing beautiful needlework patterns, she has just recently decided to purchase Mrs. Twitchett's Eye. Please enjoy browsing either site if you like.
I will begin stitching this piece in the next day or two. Right now I am doing the finishing on the Needle Nook, and hope to get it finished Thursday evening.
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