Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fancy Schmanzy

First, I finished the flower medallion by using the gold braid to fill in the small straight stitches on top of the previously finished tent stitches. I also filled in another compensating row on the top and side. I had decided not to put in the called for flower thread but instead filled in the sleeve with the repeat pattern to make it a more solid design. I hope that makes sense to you. It is supposed to look like the material was "pinked" on the blue thereby allowing the gold flowers to show through and I thought by making the gold flower more predominant the blue would recede. I think it worked. The directions call for an upright cross stitch over the center of the flower using the pearl braid. I put in a couple and did not like them. I am thinking a bead....... Anyway, I then put in the two rows of tent stitches in Kreinik 002HL on the sleeve. I then laid two long stitches of Gold Rush between the tent stitches. Next using the 002HL, I worked the plaited cross stitch over the long stitches.
Last, I moved down and filled in the basketweave out past the edge of the sleeve.

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

It looks very rich and regal, Pat. I like how this is shaping up. All that gold is just perfect!