Sunday, January 29, 2012

Almost there

I worked quite a bit on this one, up until I ran out of Kreinik.  I filled in lots of the rows with the overdyed and also came back and filled in the Kreinik blocks with DMC floss...but I am out of Kreinik and am looking to see if I have more so I can finish will work out to form a square and then be ready for finishing.


Anonymous said...

doncha just hate that when you run out of kreinik? if you don't have what you are out of, let me know and i'll check to see if i have some.

Kelly said...

This is beautiful. The colors really popped in this post from your previous posts. This is an awsome piece. Good thing about running out of Kreinik over the other colors, is that you won't have the dye lot problems like you could experience with the overdyed thread.