Sunday, March 21, 2010


I am hoping you can see what I did today.....First I ripped out the tent stitch next to the leaf on the top left by the cord as I did not like it and I restitched it to look like more leaves going in the opposite direction. Stepped back, looked, decided that was the right thing to do. The next part is the boring part.....I worked on the background on the left side and am trying to work up to the top to complete that corner. Then I plan to work background alternately with flowers and other parts of the piece to keep from getting Background Boredom.
P.S. I figured out how I am going to do the cord for the tassel too!!!
P.S.S. I am glad everyone loves the Hummer....he is pretty cool and there will be more stumpwork coming. Everyone enjoys watching how it is done and the pieces are wonderful to do
so there are others on the horizon, I promise!

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Pat, stitch what pleases you. Your audience will happily sit on the couch passing the popcorn around and watching, no matter what you stitch.

The roses and tassel piece is shaping up nicely but I think you are smart to work on the endless background. Background Boredom, as you call it, is hard to ignore!

On another topic altogether, how about a review of the magnetic laying tool holder? I've seen them and people say they will hold onto most any size laying tool but I am eager to hear more before I splurge and order one sight-unseen.

Thanks! And thanks for promising more stumpwork, but really we are thrilled with anything you feel like stitching.