Monday, March 22, 2010

A bit more and a new toy

Yes, I worked on more background and am almost to the top right corner! It is very difficult to see due to working navy on navy, but it is there. Jane asked me to comment on my new Parking Spot. I looked for this at Callaway when there and then at my LNS when I got back. My shop owner could not get it and said to order it and since I had seen it in Amy Bunger's newletter, I did. This is what the write up said:
"“It is getting hard to find a new tool that isnʼt just a
different version of the same old thing. The Parking Spot
is just such a unique tool, not just the same olʼ same olʼ.
The center “spot” is spring loaded and holds anything that
you snap between its jaws: BLT, Takobari, wooden laying
tool, or even a pencil or marking pen. The Black rim
around the parking spot is magnetized and will hold your
needles. Wow, how many times have you dropped your
wooden laying tool while expecting your fancy magnets to
grab and hold it?”
laying tool not included
The Parking Spot • $19 • measures 1½” round •" And, the above is a picture of mine. I ordered it and it arrived in 2 or 3 days at most! I really like it. I put the nickel next to it so you can get a sense of the size. I have my BLT in the center, and two needles on the rim. I can put my small scissors in it while stitching and it does hold them, but I really wanted it for the BLT and needles. It releases what is attached easily whether the needles or the laying tool even though the back earth magnet is about the size of the nickel and very strong. I have tried my wooden and ivory laying tool and it keeps them in place as well. Highly recommend it if you are wondering yes or no!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thank you SO much for the review, Pat! I am torn whether to splurge on this or save my $$ for threads and canvases. I'll probably invest in two small canvases this spring but there's always Christmas money later in the year....

NCPat said...

No problem!!