Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Moving on up!

We are really moving up towards the top of this piece! First I have add Kreinik braid in the pearl color on top of the cross stitches in a pattern. It outlines the outside of the box, has an inner square and one oblong cross stitch in the center of each. It may show up if you enlarge the image. Next I added another row of double cross stitches and upright cross stitches on the right hand side.
Last, I did the Overlapping Cross Pattern above this. I used Anchor and Kreinik to create three rows of cross stitches. I added upright crosses at the top and bottom in Anchor pearl cotton. As a final touch I added a motif stitch in the center of the large cross stitches using the HiLights.
Whew! This was a busy night! LOL

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

You have been busy!

And it looks like there are only two sections to go. Nice job on the bits of metallics, by the way. They really do bring this piece to life. How much does the canvas color you see under the open stitching add to the piece, Pat? Would a white and gold version on pink or lavender (or Victorian Red) canvas look a lot different?

Just wondering....