Thursday, January 8, 2009

Under and over borders

I filled in the underskirt border, the one on the right, first. The green leaves are worked over one diagonal using DMC rayon in green 504. The yellow flowers are worked in two strands of Pure China Silk, yellow number 1, again on the diagonal. Finally, the tiny filling stitch is worked with two strands of Marlitt in color number 816. I did not have the third value in my stash in DMC, so I used the Marlitt to fill in.
The overskirt border, on the left, was first worked with a single strand of Kreinik #8, 002HL in tent stitch. I then completed the leaves using the same green DMC rayon above.
Working with rayon threads can be "a headache" as Margaret mentioned in the previous comments. I make my life a little easier by working with short lengths, dropping my needle frequently, and always, always work with a laying tool--even on the over one stitches. I also go with the idea that no one will notice a few twisted threads riding by, on horseback, at 60 m.p.h. LOL Needlework is supposed to be enjoyable and that is why I try to do. Enough said.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Our eyes do "see" things other than what is actually there anyway. I "saw" flowers in the hem of the skirt even though the shapes are not really like a real flower.

It is very pretty, Pat. This is a spring bunny for sure!

Edy/Grandma said...

I think I might refer to another part of the anatomy vis-a-vis rayon threads, but they do add a sheen to the work.

NCPat said...

You are right, Jane, there are "flowers" in the hem.
Edy--I agree but my mom reads the blog!