Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let's start with the dress

Kandace describes the Georgian Rabbit's dress as a bergere with a quilted underskirt. The instructions call for DMC floss and pearl cottons, some Kreinik, and with a background of DMC Medicis. I am not working this piece with those fibers. I am maintaining the general color theme, but have chosen to use other fibers that will provide more sheen to the piece. I will inform you of those threads as we work through the piece.
After transferring the outline to the 18 count canvas, the instructions indicate to begin with the dress bodice and sleeve, using dark violet in a diagonal mosaic slanted to the right for the bodice and to the left for the sleeve. I used four strands of DMC Rayon floss in color number 30552 to work this area.
I then moved to the underskirt border and worked the outside two rows of tent stitches using Kreinik 002HL, 1 strand. I moved to this area and did the outline to ensure that the edges were defined for the pattern that will be worked there.


Beth in IL said...

He is going to be cute when finished. Which reminds me...I better get started on my ornament too!

Mary said...

I love your choice of purple, and the rayon has a gorgeous sheen.

M&Co. said...

The rayon is lovely, Pat. And my hat's off to you for wrangling with that rayon thread. That stuff always makes my head hurt it's so temperamental.