Sunday, April 3, 2016

Some shopping

 While on our trip, I stopped at several shops!  Above is a box of tacks and a new puller.  I generally use staples but can't take all my tools when I travel, so I picked these up to frame up a piece while on the road.  I purchased these at M's Canvashouse in Lexington, KY.  If you get a chance, do stop in.  The shop is full of wonderful canvases and of course a lot of threads.  One entire room is walled with threads to choose plus there are more in the main area of the shop.  Lots of accessories and beads by the tube or in bulk and you can fill your own tubes as well.  I also picked up a book which is for another day.  The gold flecked, red, and blue 18 count canvas are all for upcoming projects.  The white Congress cloth is for an upcoming Loretta Spears project.  These were all purchased at Sandy's X-stitch on the Go in Hendersonville, NC.  I also had her get me the latest additions to the Entice and a current Silk Lame Braid color card!  These will be used a lot in my stitching room!

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