Sunday, April 27, 2014

Not just needlepoint

 So not only stitching!  My niece, in the foreground, sister and I went to a glassworking class!  Above are the two kilns and instructors.  Sara is seated at the workbench where we all created a pair of long stemmed flowers.  After John picks up the hot glass, we each pulled the blobs into the shape of the flower.  He then pulled the stem out to the length and cut it off the pipe.  Not glass blowing this time, but pulling.  Below is the pair that I brought home.  The cobalt blue one on the left has some yellow in the center as does the multi colored one on the right.
Overall each is 12 inches long and they are 4 inches across the center!

I also did stitch more of the green on the stocking and progress will be posted soon!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I always wanted to try that. Molten glass is amazing!

NCPat said...

It was so much fun to create our own flowers. We are going to make pumpkins in the fall!

Marlene Jones said...

Don't show us this, it looked great fun, anther hobby and hubby would leave.

NCPat said...

ROFL, this one is not so bad! I will never get my own kiln, glass supplies etc. But, it is fun to go and do a couple of times a year!