Sunday, March 23, 2014


Next on the frame will be the Highland Stag Stocking.  It is one of the series by Leigh Designs that are the eight designs in the candle series stockings.  The entire grouping can be seen here:

Highland stags are commonly known as Red deer or Cervus elaphus due to the red-brown coats.  They are Britain's largest land mammal. Although native to Britain, it is also found in southern Scandinavia, Turkey and as far as China and Mongolia. It has been introduced to Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.  The natural habitat of the red deer is the forest, but many great forests of Britain were felled over the centuries, so they were forced to live on exposed moorland, moving into wooded plantations during severe winter weather.
The deer are browsers by nature, pulling  leaves from oak, birch and rowan trees. They will also eat twigs, ivy and lichen from trees, especially during the winter. In open habitats, the deer become mainly grazers, cropping grass and browsing from small shrubs such as heather. 

This stag is ready to light up the holidays with the candles on his antlers, so it is time to get this started.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

My father's family came here from Scotland when my 7th grandpa back was keelhaulted by the British Navy and managed to escape when the boat docked in Trenton. So this one is special and is going to be great!

NCPat said...

Wow, Jane! It is amazing that he lived!