Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Let's do some Finishing

 I told my mom I was looking for a box to put the Scissors by Sharon G piece on.  She found this box that she had painted a while ago and gave it to me to use!  She had the hinges and corner pieces so it is time to get this together!  I gathered some goodies together to complete this.
 The painted piece fits in the lid on the inside of the box.  It is also a great piece to use to measure and cut the felt lining for the bottom of the box.  Since I plan to put scissors in it, I don't want it scratching the box.  I used the top piece to measure the bottom felt piece along with the sides and you can see the lines I used to cut by.
I have glued the top painted piece in as well as the felt on the bottom so they are drying.
I added  the Scissors to the top and then put a band of silver ribbon around it, followed by a band of navy blue gimp!

 The finished inside of the box too!


Anonymous said...

what a great box! i like what you did with the inside and for a scissor box the finished piece is perfect.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I am with Lara. This is a terrific scissors box, and the painting by your mother is a lovely touch on the inside. Very clever of you!

NCPat said...

Thanks gals!