Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Starting the 3rd layer

I finshed all of the second layer beading and the second small border and moved into the third layer and final one.  At the bottom of the picture, there is an aqua bicone in each of the Triangular Jessicas and between the Large Rhodes and the Large Crescent and then two blue 1/2 inch bugle beads.  I have finished three of these patterns with one to go.  Each of the Diagonal Star Jessicas on the diagonal has bicone stitched in the center and I have completed three of those four as well.  The outer border is filling again with the pattern of bicones and I have six of the eight sides done!  And....only poked myself once so far!  LOL


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I looked at the enlarged photo and was amazed at how much the beads add, even though I know cameras don't capture their sparkle well. Fast beading! Be careful of those sharp beading needles. We forget to be careful using tapestry needles that aren't sharp all the time.

NCPat said...

I am just glad it was only once so far! You are right about the tapestry needles....get so used to those and the beaders are a lot sharper!

Beth in IL said...

I enlarged the picture also. This piece has so many layers. Be careful with that beading needle. I always manage to poke myself at least once each beading session!