Monday, July 2, 2012

8 colors of Rhodes

So, in between all the 3 x 3 Jessica's are 8 different threads of Rhodes stitches....starting with the red Kreinik #4, then there are three colors of Bijoux done with two strands, then the turquoise Kreinik, another color of Bijoux, then Treasure braid and finishes up with two strands of another Bijoux....I have gotten this far around so far.....takes longer to start and stop then it does to do the stitch!  LOL


Anonymous said...

it is still mind-boggling how complex this is.

Marlene said...

The colours on this are stunning, can't wait to see how you frame it.

NCPat said...

It is a lot of fun to do all the different stitches on this one....the framer is already trying to figure this one out!