Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Enriched Stitch

I was in Connecticut this last few days and on the way there, we stopped at The Enriched Stitch in Wilton, CT.
Suzie Vallerie is the very pleasant and friendly owner and the shop is a new one and now on the list for me when we travel that way now.  She has a huge thread collection along with many beautiful canvases.  While there she had a Jody trunk show with a great sale on those too!  I think it was buy four get one, but don't quote me on that....should have written it down.  I picked up several threads for an upcoming piece along with some 18 count canvas.  I recommend you stop by and visit the shop.....you will love it!

1 comment:

Beth in IL said...

Thanks for the store review. Love the finish. And I thought you only worked on one project at a time unlike some of us.