Thursday, April 12, 2012

Three more patterns

Mystery #4 is moving very quickly!  I have done the lower left rectangle in the Diamond Eyelet variation with Soie Perlee 2941 and then put upright cross stitches with the 2944.  The top left pattern is done with blanc Soie d Alger in Saint John's Cross Variation and then adding a cross stitch over the center of each one in the Anchor yellow floss.  This completed lesson one and Loretta notes that you should see a daisy, some queen anne's lace, a rose and some other flowers in the garden.  I then started Lesson two patterns by doing an Eyelet stitch and then filling the center of each with a French knot.


Anonymous said...

wow, this is really moving along! and it is just gorgeous.

Nana said...

This is so pretty and you are so fast in this! Would you mind showing the back of your work in your next post? I really would love to see it.


palma said...

Awesome. Besides, it's my second favorite color so I'm biased. beautiful work, as usual. Can't wait to see it finished