Monday, April 2, 2012

Ocean Waves

 It is time to start some new projects!  First up is going to be Ocean Waves by Judy Souliotis.  The design is going to be worked on an 11 x 13 piece of 23 count Congress cloth.  I bought my kit a few years ago from her website.  .  The kit contains everything except the Pearl beads but they go on last,  I am sure, and I have some of them.  So to start this project, I first wound the Japanese Silver on Koma.  I then also needed the  JEC deep red-gold (copper looking one).  Since I only had one pair of Koma free, I used size 16 empty spools from my metallics...worked great.  I still have to wind the Japanese Gold and will also use more of my spools for it.

Why do you wind it on a Koma?  Because if you don't, you will have a major rats nest in a matter of seconds for one.  Number two, these fibers will be worked in pairs of two and using them this way makes your life a lot simpler. how do you do this?  First make an over hand knot with one end of the fiber after very carefully untying the end knots.  Hold the end of the fiber tautly in your left hand or make your hubby hold it, like I did!  Turn the Koma towards you as you are adding over twist to the fiber....winding the other way will expose the silk core.  After winding about half onto one, repeat for the other....How easy is that?!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Nice koma explanation!

Goldylox99 said...

I have this kit and haven't started it. I didn't realize it had these elements of Japanese embroidery. Guess I better plan to buy two pairs of koma. I will be watching you work and learning from you every step of the way!

Nana said...

The daily visit of your blog is always a plessure for me.


NCPat said...

Thanks, and if you are using Koma, you will need 3 sets. I work in the well of the frame so my spools won't roll off on the floor.