Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lesson One

 I have taken close ups of each of the areas I am working on in Lesson one.  The first diamond is worked with two strands of the Needle Necessities overdyed and then two strands of the Marlitt for this pattern.
 The next square is worked with two strands of the Needle Necessities.  First a simple cross stitch is worked and each of the four legs are tied down as I worked across the row.  You can see the very subtle color difference in the fiber by doing so.
The next diamond is also worked with two strands of each fiber in alternating rows laid so the sheen is reflective.  Loretta always gives great instructions and a sample stitch pattern to ensure understanding.
This area is in the top left section of the canvas and you can see the very beginning of the star shaped inner pattern that is forming.
Lara and Becca are both going to be working this pattern as well.....Lara will be posting on her new pepsi and xanax and there is a link to it on the side.....Welcome back to stitching Lara!  And, by the way, Lara is a fabulous photographer so check out the links on the bottom of her blog to see some awesome photography......One of these days, I am going to stitch one of her photos!


Anonymous said...

wow! you got started already! your photos are going to be a real help when i finally get started.

Beth in IL said...

Great start. And I love the little cardnal. He is just adorable!