Friday, June 10, 2011

There, it is HAIR!

Wild Woman now has her full head of hair!  All brushed, shaped and trimmed, right out of the beauty parlor!
I also used the Soie Chenille a Broder by Au ver a Soie and couched it in place, and pulling it through to the back and tracking it,  for the eyeglass holder (whatever that is called). I then moved on to start the earrings.  I did the top part of the earrings by stitching a seed bead in the center of the design and then attaching the leopard square sequins by Sundance with another seed bead on top, so they will stand away a bit.  I then attached a rectangular blue bead, a rectangular red bead,  a red round bead with three indentations and moved down to the two red bugle beads.  The red and blue beads are from the Bead Soup Starter packages I talked about in an earlier post.  I have a few more beads to finish off the earrings and I am also adding some Kreinik to the vertical lines between the beads yet


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

WOW! She's fabulous. I love the hair and the earrings look terrific. Can't wait to see this finished and in the purse!

Promise us photos of you with the purse slung over your shoulder, please!

Cindy Minick said...

Great job, I love her hair and the earrings, such originality. I know you will receive many oohs and ahhs when you are using this purse!


Margaret said...

Wow! How would you like to ask this lady to fix your parking tickets over the counter?

This whole piece is truly clever.