Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Real close

I shot this one real close with the light coming from the right in the hopes that you can see that the wall is a yellow green with more emphasis on yellow.  I started on the window today.  Using Water n Ice I did one of the top panes in Roman stitch over four threads as I thought it should be shortened as not to catch as it does go on a purse.  Hated it, ripped it out.  I then did the stitch over six threads.  Hated it, asked DH, he hated it.  Ripped it out again.  Then, retreating to safety, I did some of the white Splendor basketweave around the panes of glass.  Two cuss words and a mini York peppermint patty later, I threaded the Water n Ice again, and laid in a padded diagonal stitch over the bottom left pane of the top section.  Bingo!  this is the one.  Whew!  I sure am glad I am not a whiskey drinker!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...


I think you nailed it, though.

Cyn said...

Don't you love it though when it finally works?

Yes, this does work. :-)

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