Saturday, August 21, 2010

Do you recognize these?

As you may know we are cleaning out the stash of a stitching friend. We have found several pieces that have been started but cannot locate the instructions or fibers that go with them.
If you have any idea what these two pieces are or who designed them please let me know. We are trying to finish some of these for our friend but are stuck at this point.

I have found the instructions for Betty Chen's Lacquered Leaves and they are on the way to me. Thanks Barbara for those!


BFromM said...

I don't know what the second piece is but I would love to know, because the pieces that are there look like a lot of fun!

Nancy said...

The second one looks like Jean Hilton's Crown of Hearts. It sometimes shows up on eBay.

Beth in IL said...

They are beautiful, whatever they are. Hope you discover the info soon so we can watch you stitch them!