Friday, July 9, 2010

Picking up where I left off

I picked up on Monet's Garden by Terry Dryden tonight and continued working on the reverse Mosaic stitches for the cover of the box. The entire top is to be covered with three strands of Splendor stitches. However, it is looking like I might run out of the color so I am now working around the area that is going to be covered with silk ribbon in a bit. I will fill in the remaining with one of the other yellows that are in the kit. The entire area is to be covered in yellow before I add the ribbon to make it glide through the canvas easier.
This is my regular Thursday stitching project however I did not stitch at all last night. One of our regular stitching group needed help sorting her stash. She is downsizing big time and moving into a retirement home due to issues with Alzheimer's disease. This was not as you can imagine a cheery evening but we made the best of it. She is getting rid of a lot of her books and all of the other "must haves" in her stash. We will help her disperse her treasures over the next few weeks and then make sure she has cash for some new interests. I encourage you all to think about what you will do with your stash and make sure your friends and family are aware of your wishes. A long time ago the group all committed to helping each other when the time came and even though it is difficult to do, we all want to make sure these treasures go to new friends and good homes.


Front Range Stitcher said...

It is something for each of us to think about isn't it? Bless you all for your kind hearts and being committed to one another.

Sylvia said...

What a wonderful and loving act. I am sure she appreciated the help. Stitchers are the best.

Kelly said...

I am sure knowing that you all appreciated the sentimental value of her stash made it a bit easier for her. Orchids to all of you for caring for your friend and helping in a way no one else could.