Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More & More

Ribbon, that is. I worked down the left streamer and am past the bottom left rose and at the point of the white highlight. This canvas is on 16 inch wide and 28 inch long stretcher bars. Whew! That makes for a lot of reaching even though I am working the canvas on its' side--the top ribbon is on my left when I am working on the streamer. Jane in Chilly Hollow is starting Stars on her blog--check it out--and wanted to know how us counted work people buried our threads when we were starting on pieces with the border worked first. I left her a comment and told her that I use away waste knots--then and now--when the frame is so big. When I first start a color on the streamer, I make an away waste knot about two inches from where I am going to start stitching. I do all my stitching, until I have about two inches of thread left and then I pull the needle to the front of the canvas. I start another needle full and keep doing this all night. TaDa! I only turn the canvas over when I am done stitching for the night. I snip all my knots and bring the threads to the back and can choose to bury them where ever I please......just in case you too, were wondering!


Front Range Stitcher said...

Clever girl. Your method managing tails with away knots makes a lot of sense and I can see where you save a lot of time (and arm motion) by waiting until the end to "tend" to those tails. I hadn't realized this piece was so large. It's going to be so gorgeous when finished.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

This is looking better and better as you stitch the ribbons. Thanks for explaining how you deal with threads, too. I have a lot to learn about my stitching!