Sunday, January 3, 2010

Two issues equal a deviation.

Second, I apologize that the photo is not better. I thought it was clear when I shot it, but after uploading it....not so much. But for the first:
The top right is supposed to be the October SOTM called the Upright Trellis. There are four steps to the stitch. I first laid out the grid as described in instructions step one and two. I then came back and add step three to about the top third and then also completed step four in the same area. This was very heavy and marched up and down. The left side flows diagonally towards the center. When I backed up and looked at the overall piece, I did not like that the left shoulder now dominated rather than melded with the rest of piece. Soooooo, I took it all out! I spent some time cruising my books and started over. I am using the Souffle' stitch instead. It lays diagonally, opposite the left side and towards the center also. First, I laid in Neon Rays 03, and then came back and filled in with Kreinik #12 in 210. The balance came back and I am pleased with the substitution. The next photo will be better, I promise!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I'm glad you fixed a balance issue, Pat. In my piece (which I have sadly neglected) the balance is not off but the colors are busy as my overdye used in this area has lots of color changes. That may mask a design problem that a more monochromatic color scheme reveals. Anyway, I think you did well with this although mine looks fine. Different colors, different results.

NCPat said...

Thanks, Jane. That "back up and look at it" really pointed it out to me!