Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rest of the villa

Since some of you asked to see the rest of the villa, I am posting those pictures for you! We did not stay at the Lodge itself,but the Villas which are a two minute drive from the center itself. They offered 1,2, or 3 bedroom units. Ours was a one bedroom. All have screened in porches and decks. The first picture is standing in the dining room looking to the living room and DH is working crossword puzzles.

The dining room light is in the top left of the picture and it is over the table which I showed before. Behind him the sliding glass doors lead out to another deck with a bbq grill. The fireplace is on the right and he built a fire two different days. There is a CD player in the bookshelf, along with CD's to listen to, on the end closest to the single window and the tv is closest to us in the picture. The cable is there also for internet connections. A nice wing back chair, a full couch and a love seat provided more than enough seating!
Below is the picture of the stained glass windowed front doors, opposite the dining room, with a large foyer area. On the right is a walk in laundry room and the left is a closet.

Below is the huge bathroom with two sinks, and a padded bench in the bay window where I sat to put on my shoes! Through the open door is the shower and commode. There is a huge closet on the right side and a cabinet and drawers on the left side before you walk into the tiled floor.
Since I was going to leave him to entertain himself for a while each day, I felt it was worth a little more to have all the comforts of home.

Tomorrow I will show you what I bought--don't act so surprised! You knew I would come home with something!

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