Sunday, September 20, 2009

T Stitch all over

I had thought about using the Alicia lace stitch to do the stopper as I want a light airy look. The Sharon G--her very self--suggested either the T stitch or skip tent and the adding some Kreinik Balger in the center to create a "glassy" look. The Alicia lace is too close together to add any center stitch, and I thought the skip tent too "line" looking so the T stitch wins! I first worked the T Stitch in the darkest value of the Splendor all around the outside of the stopper. I then came back and filled in the rest with the middle value. I have a pink Kreinik Balger and I will work that in tomorrow night. Zipping right along.......... Yes, Jane, this is another gift, but not an immediate family member this time. Remember the bride's cupcake and the groom's camera a little while back? Well, this is for the mother of the bride. I also did Sharon G's shaving brush for her husband after I had done one for mine. I also stitched another Sharon G canvas a while back--The Martini Bra and Tap pants for my niece! Do we see a pattern here? Yes, I love her canvas designs and the painting is always very well done.

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

This is one I wish I could see in person. The metallic Balger will add a lot of sparkle that we won't be able to see in the photos. Bet it is gorgeous and the mother of the bride will be so pleased!

Jane, squinting here in CH