Monday, August 10, 2009

Who said Fireworks??

Once again, I have a black canvas as a background! I hope you can see the fireworks I have sketched in with white. The canvas is cut 22 inches wide by 28 inches long as I want to end up with a piece that is 18 x 24 for framing. The fibers I will be using are pictured next:
From the top down: DMC's Color Infusion Silky in Royal Blue. This is a 100% Rayon thread.
Next is DMC's Color Infusion Memory Thread in Silver. This is a Viscose, Cotton, and Polyamide fiber wrapped around a copper wire.
Third is the DMC Color Infusion Sparklers thread in Black Blend. This is 100% Polyester.
Fourth is DMC Color Infusion Silky in Red.
Fifth is DMC Color Infusion Sparklers in Dark Blue.
Before I continue, I am very excited about trying all of these new fibers! They can be used for all kinds of needlework, scrap booking, and paper arts. There are ideas at and several of the needlework stores are already carrying these!
Also shown are some other possibilities : Kreinik Micro Ice Chenille and Petite Facets. Renaissance Designs Shimmer and Shimmerlite. Pizzaz, and Silk Lame Braid. Not pictured is Kreinik Cord in Silver.
My goal is to create a large fireworks display done mostly in the silvers with some touches of red and blue, as they would show up against the Fourth of July sky.
I started with the Color Infusions Memory Thread in Silver in the lower right display. I have first pierced my 18 count canvas with my laying tool, and am using a #16 needle to bring the fiber to the top of the canvas at the center and back down at the edge of the spray. I am putting thee stitches in each of the center holes before moving to the next section. Then using a single strand of the Kreinik silver cord, I am couching each leg to the canvas.
The possibilities of the Memory Thread are endless. Not only can they be couched and stitched like I am doing, but just couched only to the top. They could be braided and used in a multitude of ways and since they come in a host of colors the possibilities are endless.


Possibilities, Etc. said...

This will be lots of fun!!!!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

It is a very pretty design, too. It'll be just like Fourth of July in needlepoint!

LIZ said...

This is going to be stunning! I wish I could see it in person!