Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mystery #2, Lesson 4.

First, I reposted last night's photo. It is a better close-up that will enlarge so that you can scroll over and see the center stitches better.
Tonight, I started lesson 4, which is filling in the corners with the Horizontal Milanese stitch. It is worked alternately with two strands of the Needle Necessities overdyed, and then a single strand of the Needle Necessities Overdyed Perle. The picture is what I finished tonight.
Jane is wondering how many mystery projects I have in the stash, and I am guessing 8 to 10. They are all geometric designs and different colors. I cannot disclose any more information about them at this time, but will tell you that you will eventually see more of them! I really enjoy Loretta's patterns and counted charts are a passion of mine!


Mary said...

Just beautiful!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thanks for the new photo for last blog entry, although I have to say I saw the earlier one just fine. Photos are difficult on the web as everyone has a different computer setup.

This is interesting, having the Milanese flying off at an angle!

The colors continue to be whiter blue which is interesting also. Does the metallic really show up well against the pale colors?

Jane, nosed pressed to the monitor staring in CH

NCPat said...

These are really are whiter blue in person! And the silver does show up very well. I will take a photo in the sunlight as soon as I can to see if I can get a "true" color shot for you all.