Saturday, February 4, 2012

Starting Mystery 14

I have started Mystery #14.  If this is in your stash, pull it out and make a note.  Step 1 says to measure in from the right edge and down 2.75 inches.  This is what I did and look what happens.  I am working extremely close to the bars on the top and will be on the right side as well.  Since this is two hours of stitching time, I am not going to pull this out and start over.  I am going to continue on and when it is finished, I will add muslin strips to those two sides to facilitate framing.  Okay, mark your copy to start in and down 1.5 inches and you will not have this to deal with!  Fortunately after this row of ribbon banding, all future stitching will be
done inside the the bargello pattern.

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