Thursday, December 29, 2011

Motif 4 patterns

 Pattern 5 is worked with both the NN and can really see the sheen in this one
 Pattern six is worked in all NN and is a satin stitch pattern that goes from a diamond to a square and seven
is more horizontal satin stitches working the NN first and coming back in with the Marlitt over two threads to create the top pattern
Pattern 8 is all NN and I even changed it a bit to add center stitches in the boxes that were created so as to more fill it in.  I will work on the center motif for this motif tomorrow!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thanks for the nice close up photos. You can see the stitches pretty well, although not always the shine. Cameras don't "do" shine!

Very pretty regardless.

Nancy L said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Could I make a small suggestion? It would be helpful if you identified the design/designer each day when you post about your stitching. It's helpful when trying to keep track of your lovely projects.


NCPat said...

Nancy, each post is tagged with the name of the project and the designer too....look clear down at the bottom....Thanks!

Beth in IL said...

Such a pretty piece! You are doing a wonderful job laying that Marlitt. Any tips you can pass on?