Sunday, January 9, 2011

More pinks

I am adding the Bargello M's pattern to Aurora Borealis.  This is being worked with two strands of Zwicky silk for the darker color, and a single strand of silk for the lighter color.  This is an unusual pattern and I am counting every stitch!  But, it is worth it!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Beautiful! I love Marnie's work. Stitch this one faster or do it twice a week or something. Pretty please!

I like the new look of your blog, by the way. Hope you had fun setting it up.

Jane, who has to modify Blog's look this morning and who is dreading it

Front Range Stitcher said...

I also like the new look you've chosen. I really want to make a change too but not sure I'm up to the task!

Have fun with your beautiful Marnie piece, I agree with Jane and think you should do two sessions a week. : )