Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back to business

 I am back from vacation in Connecticut!  We had a wonderful trip and the weather was fantastic.  We went to the Big E(xposition), Vermont country Store, Basketville, Yankee Candle, Whatley, Newport, Waterbury, Foxwoods Casino and lots of other fun stuff.  Coming back to reality like laundry, grocery shopping and pulling weeds!  LOL  And, my stitching.  I finished filling in the bottom leaf with the blend of silver cord.  It is ready to do the twist and couch the cord around the outside.  I also did some stitching in the car.  This is one of the Colonial Needle purses and I bought the initial letter P canvas by Lee and stitched it in the car traveling.
 To do the insert was very easy when I got home.  I trimmed the canvas and removed the protective paper and gently lifted the edges and placed the piece on the sticky surface.  It said to glue the edge but I used double sided sticky tape as it was less messy.  I am impressed with the quality of this bag.  It has a large zipper pocket on one side and two smaller pouches on the other.....think cell phone and pen holder.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

The purse is gorgeous, Pat. I just saw these in person last week. Very high quality heavy leather purses. These will last forever and the little floral P you stitched is a lovely personal touch.

But of course I am drawn to the Betty Chen Louis piece. This is lovelier all the time. I'm actually getting worried as you are going to finish them before I'm ready to give up the eye candy!

Woe is me. Welcome home, anyway. We missed you.

NCPat said...

It is very high quality leather and smells wonderful! I still have a ways to go on the Betty Chen piece so you will enjoy for a while longer! Thanks, and am glad to be back home too! Always fun to travel and always good to get back home!