Sunday, August 1, 2010

Into finishing

This gift kit also came with a DVD with instructions by Terry Dryden and Sandie Colbert, which is detailed and step by step. I am following all the instructions and the first step is to mark and cut out each piece of canvas.

Then using the frame, I made a pattern and cut out four pieces of mat board making sure they fit into the lid.

Then I covered one of the ovals with a piece of the blue Ultrasuede and glued it to the inside clipping the curves along the way. The picture shows the back of the piece where I put pieces of quilt batting to keep my clothespins from marking my fabric while holding it so the glue can dry.I glued the next oval to a thin quilt bat and then cut another oval of Ultrasuede and did a running stitch and pulled it tight on the oval on the right. For the oval on the left with the flowers, I cut a couple of pieces of the bat and built up the center so the flowers will dome. I then did another running stitch and gathered that one on the underside as well.
I need to stop by Michael's tomorrow and pick up a couple of things I need to keep going.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I love seeing the construction of this! It doesn't sound that hard (most finishing isn't) but has lots of steps. Glad to hear you didn't glue yourself of your clothing to anything.

Signed, Been There-Done That in CH

designer said...

You are so brave!! It's going to be beautiful.