Sunday, May 23, 2010

Calling it done

From this:
To this:
I made a lot of changes to this piece! I really like the basic elements of the piece but not all of the
extras, and that is why I deleted them. We all need to remember that we can alter a piece or a design or a pattern or a color to fit our taste or for that gift recipient.

I finished the bottom of the tassel by stitching the rest of the padding in place and then over-stitching the satin stitches with the six strands of Soie D Alger. I added in the last band of Kreinik silver. Then I added the five mauve beads to the tassel head and the three opal beads in the bottom section to replicate the painted canvas. Last I added the flat back crystals to replace the water droplets. I also took some more of my black paint to cover some of the turquoise in case it might be a problem for the framer. I thought about stitching more navy over it, but it was hard enough to cover and will let them work on covering up to or over the first thread if necessary. I will drop this off to them this week.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

All RIGHT! She's done and she's beautiful. I'm sure you are heaving a sigh of relief on finishing such a large project but this really turned out well, Pat. You simplified the design and gave it more of an impact, I think. I hope you'll send a photo to your teacher Carole Lake to brag once it is framed.

By the way, I love the beads and crystals. The crystals must be the hot fix kind. What do you think of the process? Easy? Hard? Fun?

Thanks for sharing all this. It really has been fun to watch this evolve and grow.

Beth in IL said...

Very nice finish! You did a great job!