Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's a Kimono, trust me!

This is the start of the ANG Stitch of the Month project. Each month a new stitch is posted. In January, the outline was posted and we were to trace or baste the outline in. February's stitch is way down at the bottom in the right corner. Since I did not want to drag my hand, threads, etc, across the stitches while I worked all the others, I waited until the March stitch came out. I also chose not to work the colors or canvas that Tony Minieri had recommended. His colors were red, green and gold. I am doing mine in white, ecru and metallics, and on the black canvas. The March stitch starts out with an offset Cashmere stitch. I used three strands of Splendor in color 899. Tonight I redid the line along the sash--ripit and restitch it--and then filled in the rest of this pattern on the left side. The open area will be filled in also. This pattern is also on the right side of the piece. Follow the angle across to the other side to see the area where it will be.


Love to Stitch 99 said...

Well, my dear, you are becoming almost as bad as I am, working on multiple projects. It sure makes life interesting.

I so agree with you about waiting for the kimono in order to be able to stitch it the way you want to. I intend to wait a bit more myself as I like to see the whole thing and just not a little portion of it.

It will be fun to follow all those projects becoming to life in front of our eyes.


Pierrette =^..^=

Front Range Stitcher said...

Clever girl to wait and start where it makes sense to you. I am very anxious to see your chosen threads and colors morph into a beautiful garment. Hmmm. Morph, if only it were that easy.:) I have black canvas in my stash, but have not had the courage to pull it out and use it for something; think I'd need to live a little closer to the sun in order to be able to see what I was doing! Glad you're doing multiple projects, will make life much more interesting. And Pierrette, I'm looking forward to following your kimono too.

Cyn said...

Hi Pat,

This will be a fun project!

I still haven't decided if I want to stitch this one. I'll probably wait until it's done to decide. Too many other projects on the table right now. LOL!

I'm enjoying watching you work on several projects at the same time! :-)

Windy Meadow