Thursday, July 3, 2008

Peach Delight

In the May/June, 2008 issue of Needlepoint Now, Barbara Richardson designed a box pattern called Peach Delight. Joyce Lukomski, Editor of Needlepoint Now, has given me permission to blog stitch this delightful pattern.

I am changing the peach colors to pink, and will let you know what I switched to as I go. The pattern calls for a bargello pattern as the first step. I switched to color 007 in the Kreinik #12 braid. This is what I finished so far:

The finished size is 6" x 6", so this will be a fairly quick stitch. Hope you can tag along.

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Possibilities, Etc. said...

I read about this in NN and understand why the Kreinik braid was used - but have you tried the ribbon? It comes in the same colors and in two widths, and is absolutely wonderful for upright stitches - lies nice and flat.

NCPat said...

I have used the ribbon in other is nice, but I am trying to follow the instructions.