Sunday, July 6, 2008

Peach Delight is all stitched!

I finished the eyelet stitches inside all of the bargello circles first, with a single strand of my Bravo.

Then, I placed a 1/2 inch ring on the center of the canvas and buttonhole stitched all the way around it, attaching it to the canvas. Next, another ring of buttonhols stitches to create the petal effect around the ring, all using four strands of Splendor. Next, I covered some 5 mm beads with two strands of the Bravo again. She suggested buttonholing all around the bead to attach it to the canvas. Instead, I just wrapped the beads and attached them that way. Next, using two strands of the Bravo, I created the rays around the outside. Then, using a single strand of the Kreinik, I made even more rays. Last, I attached the beads in the center of the flower and spilled them over the top. Below is a closeup of the center. I will frame this later on, and post the final photo for you.

This piece was a lot of fun and a very quick stitch--about 8 hours! Just think of all the possible color combos on this one......fiber changes......

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