Monday, January 22, 2018

From the top down

I am going to stitch from the top down.  The star is stitched with Renaissance Designs UltraSprinles 03 using long French knots from the center out.  The next section is stitched in Basketweave.  I used RD Sprinkles, 27, 31 and Silk Lame Braid 18 in. 22 and 110.  I added Mill Hill Petite beads in 10557.

The black area is stitched in Brick over two with Silk Lame 18 color 01.  The beads are Mill Hill 3043.

The turquoise area is upright Gobelin stitches in Silk Lame Braid 18, 140.

The next black area is all Basketweave using Silk Lame Braid 01, 140 and RD Sprinkle 31.  I added Mill Hill Petite beads 10557.

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