Thursday, January 11, 2018

And the beads are organized.

I just finished organizing the beads.  They were previously sorted in 3 drawers by color.  I bought a large photo and craft keeper at Michaels and started sorting and condensing.  I was surprised by the number of partial duplicates I had.  Each case has one or sometimes two colors in it.

The tubes are in the bottom like Sundance and others I have purchased over time, and the Mill HIll containers lie on top.  

This worked well except for the gold ones.  I have lots of those so the Mill Hill and Sundance are in the case.  The tubes went back into one of the drawers.  Works for me!  I have been wanting to do this for some time, and now like the Kreinik, it is much easier to grab a color box to get exactly what I am looking for!

Back to the stitching table!


Marlene jones said...

A job well done, mine are scattered around, must follow suit and sort them.

Cheryl said...

Be careful when you combine beads with the same no. I did the same thing, & have 2 different shades in one container! Makes it hard when you’re trying to bead something.

NCPat said...

I did not combine tubes, mostly organized the same colors in each box.