Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sense of Humor please!

This one requires a sense of humor!  It is red glittered on a white background. The canvas is from Bloomin' Stitches Needlework and can be ordered in the colors of your choice.  This is a gift
for someone who loves it!  I am thinking pillow for the finishing at this point.

The design area is about 5 x 5 with a penciled background area of 8 x 8 on 18 count.   Jane of Chilly Hollow is stitching a purple lettered on a glittered background.  We will be stitching these and posting about them on Wednesdays.  So I will frame this up and pull some more thread!

Here is the website:!bloomin-stitches-exclusive-canvases/c1hcs

Head over to Jane's blog to see the one she has!