Monday, January 11, 2016


 This is Empress from the Royals Collection by Leigh Designs!  The bling on this is awesome!  I thought about photographing it in direct sunlight so you could see all of it!  LOL
Here is the framed piece on display at the TNNA San Diego show the past weekend!  I snitched the photo from the TNNA Facebook page.

You can see the entire line of crowns and tiaras at:
Be sure to click on the links under the designs that have stitch guides available to see more awesome stitching!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

GORGEOUS! The framing sets it off very nicely, too.

Ada said...

Hi! I saw this in person at TNNA this weekend and I don't think you could take any photo that would capture the true amount of sparkle this piece has! BRAVO to you, it looks AMAZING! I would be happy just stitching the crown portion of the design! It looks like it is literally made out of crystals!

NCPat said...

Ada, First of all, Thanks! The crown is almost all crystals and foil backed gems! There is some Kreinik in there as well. I am glad you liked it!