Saturday, September 26, 2015

Art Prize 2015

Friday was the first of many trips to Art Prize 2015.  Over 1500 artists display their work over a 3 square mile area of Grand Rapids, Michigan from September 23 to October 11th!  There is a juried prize and a popular vote prize--both of which are substantial!  You can read more about it here:

We always visit at least 3 different days to see all of the entries.  I will show you some of the inspirational pieces over the next week and try to focus mostly on the needle art variety.  The one pictured above is not all needlework however!  The dress and train are made from old library book pages!  It is called Vintage Dream and the artist is Reagen Kazyak.

This piece has stumpwork wings and antlers with his sew and padded fabric body and his wing span is about 24 inches across.  Titled Zammara Circada by Molly Burgess.

Material me and friends is by Joel Fremion and was created using fabric and sewing machine.  The detail and shadings are amazing!

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