Sunday, May 24, 2015

Area E

So, after filling in all of the lazy daisy stitches, Scotch stitches change directions as it is worked down and with Flamingo.  Beads are attached.  Both Area D & E needed to have each intersection covered with a strand of Accentuate.  That is very hard to see but it is there.


Debra Chamberlin said...

In know it says you can substitute the Supertwist Opalescence 300 with Accentuate but I don't know what color to by. Do you have a description or number for this thread?

Unknown said...

Deb, Accentuate 300 for the white. Hope that helps!

Unknown said...

Deb, I am not at home to check my chart or notes. I can do so when I get home and repost an answer then. email me at