Thursday, February 19, 2015

Top Left

The top left corner is almost done.  There are nine different threads in this design so far with one more to fill in.  Plaited rays, A diamond Jessica, Rhodes stitch and crescents fill in the area so far. Also, I kept looking at the photo cover for the design and have checked my thread list more than once before I determined that the photo of the stocking had to have been in other colorways.  I changed the canvas from ivory to white but that would not account for the major difference I am seeing in how this is playing out.  It is not a problem however, as I like all of the colors the chart called for.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Could be just a very bad photo, too. This was published a long time ago and photos fade, assuming the color wasn't off in the first place. I think it is very pretty!

NCPat said...

Could be, but the colors are way off! I don't mind, as I like the colors called for, but it is not a great reference!

Lori said...

Pat - I definitely agree with you that the colors are off. The picture on the cover definitely has green, darker purples and sand/tan in it. I've tried to track down the colorway in the picture but haven't had any luck.
My best guess is that photos is from the pilot class where someone changed the colors.
You do beautiful work and I love seeing your progress.

Glenis Pickering said...

I once had a pattern like that. The cover pictured 2 colourways - one on black and the other on white. I chose the black as I really liked a vivid blue pansy, centre-front. But the pattern only gave one set of thread colours, and no vivid blue. :-(
The odd thing was, when I photographed the finished piece ... that pansy looks vivid blue again in the photo!

NCPat said...

Wow, Glenis, that is interesting! I love pansies! Thanks, Lori! It is going to be wonderful!