Sunday, February 22, 2015

Closeups and

First the closeup of the top left corner so you can see more detail!
And here is the closeup of the top right so far.  I finished the center square on point by adding in straight stitches around the outside.  Then, the border around all of this has 1 x 4 outline stitches in Kreinik.  The first fill in are crossed stitches with 1/16 ribbon and then another set of crosses on top of that with 4 strands of Marlitt.  The Marlitt is then tacked in place with upright crosses done with more 1/16 ribbon.  Lastly, I completed backstitching over the first diagonal row of double straight stitches using DMC fil.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thanks for the close up photos. It helps see what Jean intended for those things very nicely.

BFromM said...

Please feel free to ignore this comment if it is too annoying, but for the star/diamond Jessica in the center, shouldn't the last stitch go under the stitches, so that it's woven in like the others?

NCPat said...

Not at all! I followed her instructions. I even went back, took it all out and redid it again to make sure I followed it per the diagrams. It is how she has it drawn.