Monday, July 23, 2012

Time for finishing

 My mom, as many know, is a painter.  This is the lid she painted for a sewing box.  It needs the pincushion done for the top where it is unpainted--see the tan? 
 So I cut the paper template and glued it to the backer paper they provided--saw the bubble and fixed it
before the glue dried.
 Next, I started mounding up quilt batting....
 Looks like the top of an ice cream cone!
 Then I cut the outer circle from the ultrasuede
 Here we are waiting for sections of the glue to dry as we go around and tuck the fabric over the stuffing and around to the back and what will be the bottom.
 Thread up a needle and sink the pearl button for the top and then glue the whole thing in the box top before
I rimmed that with green silky gimp.  And voila!
Very pretty Mom!


Goldylox99 said...

Wow! You are talented! I love your mother's painting, too!

NCPat said...

Yes, Mom is very talented....I can follow directions! LOL

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Great collaboration with your mom. It looks great.