Thursday, June 7, 2012

Minor regression

When I sat down to stitch today, I decided I better double check that last corner was off!  Oh, no!  I had to go and pull it all out and then I realized I had better check them guessed it!  I screwed up clear back here!  Cut and tweeze, cut and tweeze, not so much fun!


Carol said...

This is such a lovely design the colours are just beautiful. Ah the dreaded unstitching just when you least expect it. This is one I have in my stash so it is lovely to see the piece stitched, and executed so beautifully. Looking forward to seeing more.
Bye for now, Carol

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Oh, darn. Story of my life when it comes to counted pieces, I'm afraid. On another topic entirely I saw two Kurdy Biggs pieces at Woodlawn yesterday. In person they are amazing!

NCPat said...

It will be alright....I plan on regaining that ground today....I am sure the other pieces are awesome...hard to get the photographs to show the beauty!