Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lara's Wedding Ribbons

 I framed up the  canvas and decided to look at the Sudberry tray I have on the shelf.  Boy, am I glad I did!
This design is about 6 x 14 finished but the tray opening is 7. 75 x 10.75.....width wide is not a problem, but the length is an issue.  After studying the design, I decided I can do most of it and still use it for the tray.  In order to make sure I don't have an issue, I have basted in the outline of 7 x 10.5 and am going to work most of  the elements, but not all in order to fit this in my tray.
I have also changed my colors from the design by Brenda Kocher at and I will tell you the fibers that were supposed to be and what I am using.  Page 1 starts with a large Amadeus that called for 3 ply of Anchor 683 for the first four stitches of the top Amadeus.  the second step called for Gold Metallic for stitches 5-9 and stitches of 9-16 were supposed to be 3 ply Anchor 876.  17 through 20 called for the Gold Metallic again.  I used DMC 799, purple, instead of the dark green 683 and used DMC 340 medium purple instead of the Anchor 876 medium green,   I did use Kreinik 002 in #8 for the gold.
the bottom two smaller Amadeus are worked first with the three strand of dark purple for three stitches and the balance of them were done in the medium color and no gold in them at all.
I then moved on to page three and did the Hungarian stitches not in the Anchor light green 1042 but DMC 157 pale blue.

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Looking good so far!

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